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Hill Family Adventures! Hill Family Adventures!

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Hill Family Adventures!

Posted on Tue, Nov 4, 2008

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 Dear First Toccoa Church Family:

Scott is busy taking his mid-term tests so he asked that I fill you in on our last few weeks. First, I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and the sponsorship that you have given us. I received several wonderful e-mails today. You have no idea but it came at the right time. It’s not what’s in the e-mails, but the love and support it represents. Scott and I moved into Apartment  #1 about two months ago to help Nick with his bathroom needs. The down stairs bathroom which was suppose to be such a joy has caused us nothing but frustrating moments, cries and even some good laughs. Sunday morning we woke up to water on the floor in our downstairs bathroom. No big deal, throw some towels down and off to church we went. When we returned home, sewage began to flow up out of the toilet like the great flood (see inset). We frantically called the emergency numbers and eventually the Dean of Students. Almost seven hours later, two maintenance men, a plumber here, and serve-pro had finished snaking the plumbing, vacuuming up the sludge, removing carpet, and sterilizing the floor. During all of this, our friends here at seminary jumped in and helped us save our living room furniture from the deluge.
Since we could not be in the apartment, we all gathered around the sewer access hole, beers in hand, waiting for whatever chunks and floaties might be dislodged from the pipe. As we waited for several hours we exhausted the FULL gambit of excrement and crap jokes. It gave us all an outlet for our frustration. Don’t know if that quite qualifies as a “pastoral moment” though.  This is the third time in 40 days this has happened since moving into this apartment. Gotta laugh or cry, right?  Between this unique bonding experience and the continued love you have shown us – we know that God has blessed us with many wonderful people in our lives.  Has it been an inconvenience? Yes. But, we will survive. We are hoping, in the next couple of weeks, maintenance will have the broken pipe outside fixed. The flooring folks will be coming in laying linoleum by Thursday. I guess that’s easier to clean than carpet (if caca pasa again). Then we can once again unpackour belongings into our living room. Should be an interesting weekend!
God Bless – your Servants In Christ
Scott, Lona, Nick and Brady Hill
Ever Had A Genesis 7 Kinda Day? 
6 Scott felt six hundred years old when the floodwaters erupted from within the earth. 7 And Scott and his sons and his wife ran up the stairs to escape the flood of effluent. 8 Both clean and unclean things, that should not move along the ground, 9 came to Scott and entered the apartment. 10 And for almost seven hours the flood of sewage came on the carpet.
 11 In what seemed the six hundredth time of Scott’s time in Apartment 1, on the nineteenth day of the tenth month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of hell were opened. 12 And black slime with chucks emerged and fell on the carpet for the third time in forty days.
 13 On that very day Scott and his sons, Nick and Brady, together with his wife and the toys of his two sons, entered the upstairs. 14 They had with them every wild smell of its kind, seemingly with wings 15 a brace of odorous breath of crap came at them as Scott entered the bedroom. 16 Plumbers were going in of every kind, as CTS Maintenance had commanded Scott. Then the CARPET REMOVAL CREW shut them out.
 17 For near forty minutes, times one hundred, the flood of waste kept coming, and as the filth increased they lifted their furniture high above the floors. 18 The sewage rose and increased greatly on the carpet. 19 The slime rose greatly, and all lego piles under the entire heavens were covered. 20 The filth rose and covered the room to a depth of more than two ankles, 21 Every square of carpet that had lain on the floor perished— all that could fled -birds, livestock, wild animals, even the insects that swarm over the earth, and all the family. 22 Everything on dry land that had the breath of sewage in its nostrils could have died. 23 Everything in the face of the room was pulled out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air fled screaming. Only Scott was left, and those with him in the upstairs bedrooms.
 24 The vile waters flooded the apartment for almost four hundred and twenty minutes.
NRSV (New Revised Scott Version)
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